This House

This house that I am now leaving
was meant to be forever,
it was chosen with love in mind,

decorated by Laura Ashley,
subtle colours that blended
from room to room,

feature papers on just one wall.
This was a house you could sleep in,
feel the pride of belonging,

owning, nurturing, a house
(and a garden) to potter in,
it was a comfortable house.

This house that I am now leaving
feels empty, with boxes of emotions
piled high in the halls,

hollow laughter mocks me
as I dismantle the lies,
take down the promises,

paint over the hopes,
watch the sun set,
rain glistens on roof tiles.

A last look at an old-fashioned house,
while a radio plays a familiar, sweet love song:
a house I should have kept, like a secret.

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