About the Artist

David Supper trained at Berkshire College of Art and Manchester College of Art and Design. Working at first as a Graphic Designer in Israel, he returned to Manchester to complete a PGCE. He ran a flourishing art department at The Forest School, Berkshire for 17 years.

David developed his individual style of painting which is described as ‘hard edge realism’. It is characterised by the use of flat colour to describe the interplay of light and shade, and by the juxtaposition of jagged shapes, often simplified to the point of abstraction. David’s work also features stage-like compositions, in which spatial relationships are explored between the background and objets trouvés.

David is now a full-time artist. His work is in collections all over the world, and continues to attract a lot of interest. David lives and works in West Bridgford, Nottingham. His home is also his studio and private gallery.

Buying a Painting

You can buy one of David’s paintings in up to four instalments:

  1. Choose your painting.
  2. Contact the artist: david@withspaceinmind.com
  3. Send a deposit of at least 25%.
  4. Receive a certificate of ownership.
  5. Send up to three further payments, one per month, or pay the balance within three months.
  6. Receive your painting — postage free!

This applies to UK residents only.

Note that all paintings are sold unframed on stretched canvas and are priced individually.


To make an enquiry, commission David, or arrange a visit to the gallery, please contact Bryony Supper on 07531 531276, or email David at david@withspaceinmind.com.