About these paintings

David Supper’s works are painted in acrylic on canvas. The acrylic paint is treated with an additive to give it a flat, matt finish.

While David’s work encompasses landscapes, architecture, portraiture, still life, and the human form, his style is called Hard-Edge Realism.

How to buy a painting

Most of these artworks are priced for sale. While we do not have an online store, please email using our contact form if you are interested in buying a painting, or contact Bryony on 07531 531 276. Every sale is different, and we can arrange details more easily this way.

How the paintings arrive

All paintings are canvases stretched over a wooden frame. The side-facing edges of the canvas are not painted. The artwork can be hung in the form that it arrives, with the addition of a pair of D rings and picture wire to the stretcher. Alternatively, David recommends a simple professionally-made aluminium frame with a natural finish.

While David does not sign the front of his paintings, he signs the stretcher, and the back of the canvas is initialled, titled, and dated.